May 21, 2019

Configure Kube-apiserver in Minikube

Hi! Today I wanna show you how to configure Kube-apiserver in Minikube. Minikube is a tool that makes it easy to run Kubernetes locally. It runs a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a VM on your laptop and it can be used as a testing environment for your Kubernetes projects. If I wanna test something new in the Kubernetes world minikube is the way to go for me. The Kubernetes API server (Kube-apiserver) validates and configures data for the api objects which include pods, services, replicationcontrollers, and others. Read more

May 19, 2019

Kubernetes Authentication with GitHub and Guard

Guard from AppsCode is a Kubernetes Authentication WebHook Server. Using guard, you can log into your Kubernetes cluster using GitHub accounts, which is the easiest solution in case you don’t have LDAP infrastructure in your company but you still want to give users the possibility to authenticate against your Kubernetes clusters and to allow cluster administrators to setup RBAC rules based on membership in GitHub teams. I hope you will enjoy this guide. Read more

April 1, 2019

Setting up a Kubernetes 1.14 Raspberry Pi Cluster using kubeadm

Raspberry PI is the most popular small computer for home projects - almost everyone has the one (or ten) in his basement and you probably don’t know what to do with it. So here is the idea: let’s create a Kubernetes cluster of those dusty Raspberry Pi’s for our brave experiments! Table of Contents My Setup Networking Preparation Post Installation Steps Installing Packages Master Initialization Workers Setup Checks Bonus Useful Links My Setup Note: if you have RPi with wi-fi module onboard you probably don’t need to buy a switch and all those cables. Read more

August 7, 2018

Kubernetes LDAP Authentication

Recently I had a chance to work on implementing LDAP authentication for Kubernetes. This post will describe my experience and some underwater stones that I’ve faced on my way to it. What tool should I choose? There a lot of tools and blog posts/videos that can help you to add LDAP authentication for your Kubernetes cluster: dex from CoreOS - I don’t know anything about the future of this project because of the fact that CoreOS was acquired by RedHat. Read more

July 13, 2018

Taints and Tolerations in Kubernetes

Welcome back! Today we’re going to talk about Taints and Tolerations in Kubernetes. If you use kubeadm you’re probably familiar with them, if not - this blog post was written especially for you! Taints in Kubernetes Taints allow a Kubernetes node to repel a set of pods. In other words, if you want to deploy your pods everywhere except some specific nodes you just need to taint that node. Read more

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