November 8, 2017

Why I Chose VMWare Harbor

Let me start with the statement that I’m a huge fan of Portus and of everything that folks from Container Team @SUSE do. I made some talks about Portus on couple of conferences and meetups to spread the info about this project, but this blogpost will be mostly about Harbor, another project with the same goals and ideas (and even with almost the same logo (just compare the images below) and why I chose it for production usage.

Well, “Production”, I think that this is not a standard term itself. If I say ‘ready for production usage’ I mean that the project:

  • Is mature
  • Is easy to deploy
  • Has comprehensive documentation
  • Has support if needed Let me elaborate more:

1) Maturity

On the current stage Harbor has the minimum set of features that we were searching for:

  • LDAP integration,
  • Vulnerability checking (with Clair from CoreOS)··
  • Image signing out of the box (Notary from CNCF). Portus is planning to support Clair in the next stable release, but they don’t have Notary support even on the roadmap yet.

2) Deployment in production

Portus doesn’t provide any clear way of how to deploy it in production environment. There are links in the official documentation page - one and two but it’s clearly not enough. With harbor you can easily deploy everything for production usage, just configure harbor.cfg and run ./ - that’s it.

3) Comprehensive documentation

OK this one can be a bias. Portus has a lot of documentation pages and you can find them here but they are not really structured from my perspective. I’m more a fan of Enterprise-way of documents, they’re not so fancy and “startupish” but you know for 100% where you can find the thing you’re looking for. Everything you need to know about Harbor is based here and here

4) Support

There is no support in Portus apart of the community support which is of course cool thing, I was using openSUSE linux distro without any support for ages but it was my development machine, not something that I would like to have in production. Vmware provides commercial support for Harbor.

So I was using Portus for three months during the POC phase of the project that I was working on and I decided to switch to Harbor instead. But still, for my home usage I will continue to use Portus because it fits just perfect for a small projects and I want to support what the folks from SUSE are doing.··

Reasons I chose Harbor for production usage:

  • Maturity
  • Everything what Enterprise needs is ALREADY there (LDAP/AD, scanning vulnerabilities, image signing)
  • Everything Works out of the box, just download the tar file
  • Written in Go (my personal +1 :)

Creative Commons - Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works 3.0 License