December 1, 2016

Docker Brno Meetup

my experience as the speaker on Docker Brno Meetup, 01/12/16

“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” - Dale Carnegie

Organized this time in the wine cellar of office, Docker Brno Meetup began really interesting and unusual for me from the very beginning…

My story as a speaker for this meetup began with the e-mail from one of the co-organizers of meetup - Eliška Slobodová, she asked if I want to be a speaker on one of their docker meetups in Brno. To be honest I didn’t think too much to say “yes”, I already had an idea of the talk for a long time and I was just needed to transform my thoughts into slides.

The theme of my talk was Portus. I know that very few of people from the Docker community was aware of Portus project so it was my chance to spread the word and to contact potential new users and, hopefully, new contributors. I need to mention that part of my presentation was based on slides of one of the main Portus’ developers - Miquel Sabaté Solà (the other day I asked him if he can be so kind to share with me some of the slides of one of his presentations :)). You can see all my slides on the link above, I just wanteded to put here some highlights of my talk and Portus project itself:

  • Portus is an open source authorization service and user interface for the next generation Docker Registry.
  • Portus implements the new authorization scheme defined by the latest version of the Docker registry. It allows for fine grained control over all of your images. You decide which users and teams are allowed to push or pull images.
  • Map your company organization inside of Portus, define as many teams as you want and add and remove users from them.
  • Teams have three different types of users to allow full granularity: viewers, contributors, and owners
  • Portus provides an intuitive overview of the contents of your private registry. It also features a search capability to find images even faster.
  • User privileges are constantly taken into account, even when browsing the contents of the repository or when performing searches.
  • All the relevant events are automatically logged by Portus and are available for analysis by admin users.

I was little nervous, because of the fact that it was my first real talk in english outside of SUSE, but in the end everything was smooth and I answered couple of interesting questions from the audience.

Apart of my talk, program of the meetup was pretty interesting:

  • Roman Galeev from 2600Hz was talking about using Docker to ease development – testing, packaging and deployment, especially for Erlang applications.
  • Michal Fojtik from Red Hat was giving a brief introduction into Kubernetes and OpenShift.
  • Tomas Holcman from was showing how to manage a globally distributed Highly Available application with AWS and Rancher.

Unfortunately, I had no chance to listen other talks because I had to catch the train to Prague, but I’m really looking forward to watch the videos from the meetup because every talk was really interesting for me.

One more thing: during the time I’ve spent in Brno, I realize that Docker is not just about software that we all use and like, it’s about people and community who make it awesome.

P.S. If you want to become a speaker on the next Brno meetups you can contact organizers on Twitter @DockerBrno or via meetup page. If you’re not local to Brno and you are interested in give a talk (or two), contact them anyway. They may able to invite and sponsor you.

P.P.S. Also if you want to become a speaker on the Docker Prague Meetup don’t hesitate to contact me.

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